Dialog Step does not produce dialog in operator GUI C#

I’ve been tasked with creating an operator GUI for a product line that will be tested via OpenTAP, and I have a basic prototype working. However, for some reason the Dialog steps do not produce a dialog.

When I view the results log, I can see that the step is executed and immediately passes. If I execute the plan in PathWave, a dialog appears and waits for me.

At the moment, my GUI code is basically the example found here: opentap/sdk/Examples/TestPlanExecution/RunTestPlan.Api/Program.cs at main · opentap/opentap · GitHub

I had something more complex, but in efforts to debug it, I’ve reduced the run portion of the code to the bare minimum.

Hi @matthewdumas, and welcome to the forum!

You need to implement an IUserInputInterface.

For more complex GUI topics, you can look into the TUI. It is an open-source editor and executor UI that you can use as a reference: For UserInputs specifically, see: opentap-tui/OpenTAP.TUI/TuiUserInput.cs at main · StefanHolst/opentap-tui · GitHub