Sweep Parameter step: sweeping over resources won't work?

I’m facing some strange behavior when using Sweep Parameter step with multiple resources. It seems that only the default selected resource is initialized/used while others won’t be open and steps that use them neither execute the part that involves the resource nor complain.

Steps to reproduce using example code:

  1. Create two Power Analyzer resources: PSU1 and PSU2.
  2. Create a test plan: Sweep Parameter parent + Charge child.
  3. Parametrize over Charge / Power Analyzer and add two rows to sweep: PSU1, PSU2.
  4. Run the plan and observe only the PSU selected by default is initialized/used properly.

Am I doing something wrong or this use case is not supported?


@pythonized this appears to be a bug and I was able to reproduce. I’m not sure if this is an acceptable alternative, but it does seem if you select “Short Lived Connections” from Settings > Engine > Resource Strategy the resources are swept.

I’ve submitted an issue here: Sweeping Resources Does not work correctly (#664) · Issues · OpenTAP / OpenTAP · GitLab

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Thank you @brennen_direnzo! I’ll try the suggested workaround, it might be acceptable for the time being.

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@pythonized FYI this issue has been resolved and will be part of our 9.15 release at the end of the month:

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Thank you @brennen_direnzo, I already applied the fix locally and can confirm it works fine!

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