Tap package path references on Ubuntu

Hi all. I’m running ubuntu 20.04 in a docker container.
I’ve built open tap from the github using dotnet publish -c Release
I’ve installed python3 and pip with apt-get

which python3 /usr/bin/python3
so I set set python-path /usr/bin
I’ve installed the python and python example packages.
But when I run the below test plan I get errors saying tap is missing the plugins? Can anyone please tell me what I’m doing wrong?
Thank you all for your hard work on OpenTap!

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
<TestPlan type="OpenTap.TestPlan" Locked="false">
    <TestStep type="Python.PythonExamples.ChargeStep" Id="d21c04ff-e289-4237-8a16-6d108452e3ec">
      <PowerAnalyzer Source="OpenTap.InstrumentSettings">PyPowerAnalyzer</PowerAnalyzer>
      <ChildTestSteps />
      <Name Metadata="Step Name">Charge</Name>
    <TestStep type="Python.PythonExamples.DischargeStep" Id="fafafb39-fb1a-421f-901b-466b706607ff">
      <PowerAnalyzer Source="OpenTap.InstrumentSettings">PyPowerAnalyzer</PowerAnalyzer>
      <ChildTestSteps />
      <Name Metadata="Step Name">Discharge</Name>
  <OpenTap.Description />
    <Package Name="OpenTAP" Version="^9.18.4+7dec4717" />

error message:
tap run pyexample.TapPlan
OpenTAP Command Line Interface 9.19.4+7959a308

XML Line 4: Unable to locate type ‘Python.PythonExamples.ChargeStep’. Are you missing a plugin?
XML Line 4: Unable to deserialize test step.
XML Line 16: Unable to locate type ‘Python.PythonExamples.DischargeStep’. Are you missing a plugin?
XML Line 16: Unable to deserialize test step.
Errors occured while loading test plan.
Parts of the test plan did not load correctly. See the log for more details.

Hi @alwayssayspleaseandthanky,

Did you install the PythonExamples plugin?

In version 2 this was not required since the examples were bundled, but in 3, to avoid clutter, they have been moved to a separate package.