Test Plan Loading Error when new packages are being installed

Hi @rolf_madsen,

Thanks for the continuous help. A few more doubts,

  1. Do we need to increment for uninstallation also? As I see it is being called in Uninstall class.
  2. I tested the opentap package install. Why is the change id not incremented twice for a plugin upgrade scenario which I assume it internally uninstalls the previous version and installs the new version? Based from the OpenTAP source code, i think the uninstallation during an upgrade is somewhat different than that of uninstallation action.

Hi @antonio.quizon,

  1. Yes it should also get incremented on uninstall.
  2. Seems like you got it! It is also only bumped once even though you install or uninstall multiple packages. I’d call this an implementational detail.

By the way, are you checking that you are not installing incompatible packages?

If that happens, “tap package install” would could working (without --force) or might reinstall other packages in order to fix the dependency chain. That is because our dependency solver cannot handle invalid package configurations.

Thanks, just a little bit confused now. Previously, you suggested if we could increment immediately after we unpack the files. However, as we are installing the packages separately in our own way, should we still do this? Or should we increment after the installation of all packages are done?

I think it would be better to increment after installing all the packages, but it should not make a big difference. Worst case you’d spend a bit extra CPU clearning caches and redrawing more things than necessary.