Use of Opentap in a enterprise setting for internal testing

Our company is looking for a testing automation solution and I am a bit confused by the licensing model of Opentap.
Opentap seems like it uses an open source licensing model (if any changes are made by our company we have to publish the source changes.) which is fine.
If we want to use the Keysight Pathwave GUI then we need to get licenses which I also understand.
Is there a model where we could use opentap with tui for development on a enterprise without paying for development licenses?
When trying to install developer tools from command line on the getting started guide there is a prompt that says the gui can’t be used without a commercial trial on enterprise setting but I wasn’t sure about developing test cases.
I also didn’t see any editing options on tui if development packages are not installed.

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@tuna.bicim Welcome to the OpenTAP Community. Answers to your questions below:

  1. OpenTAP is under the MPLv2 license, which means you only need to to contribute code back if you make changes to the core AND distribute those changes. Obviously, we encourage contributions that will benefit the community for plugins and the core.

  2. Yes, PathWave Test Automation requires a commercial license, but it is possible to use the TUI, which is under the MIT license. Technically, the TUI is still in beta, and will never be as full featured as the PathWave Test Automation GUI, but if it meets your needs you can use it. The full source is available here: OpenTAP / Plugins / Keysight Technologies / OpenTAP-TUI · GitLab

  3. We really just have a singular tool for developing Test Cases and Plugins for simplicity, but through the TUI if you press F5 (on Windows) it will open the New Step Window where you can Edit/Create tests. You can install packages using: tap package install . But for the developers tools, I’d recommend just running the full installer from:


Thank you for the answer Brennen,

I guess I missed the F5 interaction.
Thanks for telling me.
I’ll use the full installer from the link.

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No problem. Let us know as you have other questions. We are all happy to help.

The Editor Licensing doesn’t seem to reflect how organisations operate.
The Editor is awesome, but I must start to consider the prospect of developing my own test plan creation tool for planners to create test plans ‘offline’ on a different PC from the production PC because the licences are expensive. It’s not really worth the huge effort needed to create an app that does exactly what the Editor already does.
It would be nice to have different licences for the Editor that would disable certain functionality. For instance:

  1. a ‘Run’ licence that enables the play buttons and editing, so test plans can be run and edited
  2. a ‘Plan’ licence that allows editing functionality only.
  3. A developer licence that permits an organisation to develop commercial closed-source applications.