Suggestion: Visual Studio OpenTAP SDK includes Editor CE

This week I read the help documentation and tried to create an OpenTAP plug-in. In the initial steps, I found that there are only two editors: TUI and Keysight Test Automation (License required). Is it possible to add options to Keysight Test Automation CE?

After creating the plug-in project, right-click on the solution to add a class or project. I do not see the OpenTAP option, and it is inconsistent with the video tutorial on YouTube. Can anyone give me an answer? Thank you!

version: visual studio 2022
opentap sdk 9.22.2

Just choose OpenTAP UI. Once your project is created, select your project. Add next in the project file:

<AdditionalOpenTapPackage Include="Deverloper's System CE" />

Maybe your file already includes “Deverloper’s System”. In that case update it to CE version.

Community version should not be used.

Maybe also have a look at this post.