Using the API with Python in my own control loop


When using the Python SDK, is it possible to run a test sequence without generating a plugin package and then having to run it with de CLI? I have a SCPI instrument that sends an arbitrary waveform in a serial port device.

I’d like to create my own loop and eventually use PyQT6 for GUI creation because this is what I used before and know best, but I’d like to use the class structure of OpenTAP.

Hi @alapierre, and welcome to the forum!

Unfortunately we don’t support hosting the application inside a python for now.

I think you should be able to bootstrap it using a fairly minimal amount of C# code, if you just want to start the application and execute some python script which then runs the main loop.

Thank you for your answer! I think i’ll also try to load the dll with the pythonnet library and using the classes that I need. Maybe it’ll work with minimal tweaking.

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