Welcome to the OpenTAP Community Forum

Greetings, OpenTAP users, developers and ecosystem partners.

The OpenTAP Community is proud to announce the public launch of the OpenTAP Forum, an open medium dedicated to effortless automation with OpenTAP software.

The OpenTAP Forum is open to all – existing OpenTAP users and developers, and those encountering the OpenTAP Project for the first time. The Forum exists to exchange ideas, technical and commercial, helping the OpenTAP Community contribute, collaborate and create.

Today, the Forum is divided into three general categories: General, Technical, Ecosystem, focused on supporting and promoting the efforts of end-users, developers and ecosystem partners.

Come to the OpenTAP Forum to

  • Ask (and answer) support questions
  • Share tips and suggestions for OpenTAP applications and plugins
  • Discuss bugs in the OpenTAP Engine, tools and related software
  • Suggest new features
  • Test-market plugins and other OpenTAP-related software and hardware
  • Announce and promote OpenTAP events, training, demos and other happenings
  • Discuss OpenTAP Project metrics, and Test and Measurement industry trends
  • Suggest new Forum topics and categories

In the 45 days since the internal launch, over three dozen user/developers have joined, creating dozens of discussion threads, on topics including patching OpenTAP software, result-listener issues, OpenTAP Command Expert and more. Now that the Forum is open to a wider audience, we expect even more rapid growth and greater breadth of discussion.

Anyone can browse Forum entries, but you’ll need to create an account to post and comment. Communication is the heart of open collaboration, so if you are a current OpenTAP Forum member, please invite your colleagues and customers to participate.

The OpenTAP Community is what you make it. Whether you are new to the community, or have been with us from the beginning, we encourage you to sign up and join the conversation.