Feedback Requested: OpenTAP Website 2.0

Hello Everyone!

As the OpenTAP community continues to grow and evolve we wanted to ensure that our website keeps up with the needs of both existing community members as well as those looking to join.

A few of the main focuses:

  1. Ensuring new users discovering OpenTAP can more easily understand the project and its benefits
  2. Provide links to various resources to stay involved in the community
  3. Provide links to content and updates
  4. Better explain what contributing to the OpenTAP community means (via code, documentation, issue submissions, and plugins) and the steps to do it.

Below is a link to a draft of our updated website. In the spirit of OpenTAP, we’d like to get feedback from the community and the changes. Any thoughts and feedback are welcome.


Perhaps have a Getting Started section with learning resources?


@GoranJohnsson do you think having a link to here: Getting Started | OpenTAP

From the section that says “OpenTAP technology explained” would make sense?

@brennen_direnzo That is one link that should be included. But also to videos on YouTube and other tutorial resources. Anything that can reduce the rather steep learning curve for new users.

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