Alternate way to lock test plan

Is there any way to lock a test plan from some place which is not accessible by the user running the test plan? I’m aware of the ‘Lock test plan’ option which is available under ‘File’ tab, but that doesnt serve my purpose as I do not want the user running the test plan to be able to check or uncheck it. Any way to enforce it from elsewhere, say the code for instance? Or is there a way to create an admin use who would have access to these sort of things?

Hi @shwethakh

You can use Focus Mode (Alt + Shift + Enter) to lock the user interface.

  1. Docked panels cannot be closed
  2. The menu and status bar are hidden
  3. Hot keys for loading and creating test plans are disabled
  4. The ‘+’ button for adding new steps is disabled
  5. The test plan settings button is disabled

It is still possible to exit focus mode by pressing Alt+Shift+Enter again, but it is sort of hidden.

I get that this doesn’t completely prevent modifying the test plan, but it’s an extra layer.

If you want to know if the test plan was modified, you can verify the hash of the test plan in the Results.

Let me know if this works for you

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