Change name of section header in Metadata Prompt

Is there a way to change the section header in the Metadata Prompt? Currently it always shows the full name of the object providing the Metadata parameters (in this case Qblox.ResultListeners.TestRunSettings), including namespace, but we would like it to be a bit more user friendly. I tried setting the macroname and group name in the Display attribute of the metadata parameter, but this doesn’t affect it.


Did you try setting Display attribute on the TestRunSettings class?

[Display("Test Run Settings")]
class Qblox.ResultListeners.TestRunSettings {


yes, the code currently looks like this:

using System;
using OpenTap;

namespace Qblox.ResultListeners
    [Display("Test Run Settings", Description: "A collection of parameters attached to each test run.")]
    public class TestRunSettings : ComponentSettings<TestRunSettings>
        [Display("Operator Name", Description: "Name of the operator executing the test.", Order: 1.1)]
        public String OperatorName { get; set; }

        public TestRunSettings()
            OperatorName = "";

Is there anything else we can try? :slight_smile:

Sorry, I am out of ideas for now.

I think “prompt user” meta data is most commonly used on DUTs, so maybe this is just something we haven’t tested a lot.

I have added an issue: Support Display name for non-resource prompt user metadata · Issue #845 · opentap/opentap · GitHub