Variables Screen

Hi everyone,

I am developing OpenTAP plugins for a few months i realized that there is no variable screen that operator can create variables. It is actually the same feature as the one in the NI TestStand.

I didn’t spend too much time for testing instruments so i want to know if there is a way of achieving that in Keysight’s PathWave Test Editor. Basically what the feature will do is creating a variables screen in which the user can create variables and assign test step output values to them or providing these variables as inputs to test steps. I know that there are Input&Output classes and how to assing them but but they are not very useful in every case since we can’t select the type or format of the variable. For example, an open relay test step gets the relay number as an input and i want to use a repeat step to open all the relays. Repeat iteration is in the format “x of y” which is a string and i cant use it as an input to relay number.

If there is a feature like that can you give an example for that? Or if there isn’t a feature like that i would want to develop that feature.

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Hi @btyilmaz,

There is a concept called ‘parameters’ which I think solves you problem in a bit different way. A parameter is a setting that is promoted to a parent step or the test plan and can be shared among multiple test steps.

This is described in the Developer Guide.