CLI action 'tap package' commands hanging

I have been facing this issue where tap package commands, especially tap package install and tap package list, quite often hang without any timeout making plugin development painful as I need to restart the session on the terminal multiple times. I first thought it might be related to my network connection but I think it is not the case as I keep facing this issue at home using both Wi-Fi and cellular data and at the office. This happens both when running them on a terminal and via a subprocess (Python development) within a plugin.

I would appreciate it, if you can help me on this issue!

P.S.: I am using OpenTAP 9.21.1+2a94acc7.

You should add a -v to the command, then you can see the timestamps and low-level detail of where the time is going.

I actually use verbose log messages when creating packages (tap package create -v ...) and see this command also hang sometimes right after:

00:00:04.467 : CLI : Debug : CLI action returned exit code: 0 [273 ms]

That said I added -v to tap package list -i command and observed it hanging at the same point. Any idea about what’s going on?

What package repo(s) do you have configured? Does the behavior change if you take out the Package Repos from the internet and just leave your local package folder?