Console Connection using OpenTap


I need to create a console connection plugin to be able to communicate with my keysight instruments . Can someone guide how to create a plugin for console connection?

What kind of console connection are we talking about here? Can you be more specific?

If it is a Keysight instrument, you should probably use SCPI.

Hi @rolf_madsen ,

Console connection will be needed to communicate with DUT. DUT in this case is 4G/5G Radio.
For keysight instrument we can use SCPI.

But you said:

“I need to create a console connection plugin to be able to communicate with my keysight instruments”

Did you actually mean “DUT” and not “keysight instruments”?

yes, i actually mean DUT.

OK, I have previously used Renci.SshNet for SSH communication with a DUT. If your DUT supports SSH you can try the same.

You can create a ‘shell’ connection and send multiple commands.

You previously noted that you had problems with cd/current directory. This can be fixed by using the same shell for multiple commands, but in practice it can be a bit tricky to actually use it this way.

Here is a project where they use it: Tap.Plugins.UMA.SSH/Instruments/SshInstrument.cs · master · OpenTAP / Plugins / University of Malaga / UMA SSH Plugin · GitLab

Is there any option if DUT does not support SSH? I need to use console for the first time connection to DUT.

How can I create a shell connection to send multiple commands, can you guide?

Sure, you can use things such as telnet or a serial connection. A ‘shell connection’ is not really a concept I know, so you need to be way more specific. Can you explain how you connect to your DUT now?

If you are using SSH, you can leverage this plugin:,Linux&architecture=AnyCPU

Maybe you can explain / demonstrate how you do the setup today more explicitly. I think the term “console” is too generic in this instance, but if you could describe it there is probably a good solution possible

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I guess maybe you are talking about uart communication with DUT. If this is true, just use the SerialPort class in .Net.


The serial communication is needed before the ethernet connection is enabled in DUT board. to perform u-boot of board. Once ethernet connection gets enables ssh plugin can be used. but how can we communicate when ethernet connection is not enabled yet on DUT board

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OK, so you connect to the DUT via USB and then that shows up as a COM port in Windows Device Manager?