Operator GUI self build

Hi Everybody
I’ve created a ‘version’ of @kaushik.santhanam Operator GUI.

I’m running the DemonstrationAllSteps.TapPlan

The 2 issues that I see right now from the session log

2022-06-16 17:10:07.152685 ; Serializer ; Error ; XML Line 2: Package ‘Demonstration’ is required to load the test plan, but it is not installed.

How can I add the “Demonstration” package to my project ?

Do I need to add ( and how ) the contents of the Test Bench Profile folder (Connections.xml, DUTs.xml and Instruments.xml )- OR will this be resolved once I add Demonstration ?

I can’t seem to get the resultListener to work see files attached.

MainViewModel.cs (8.6 KB)
MainWindow.xaml.cs (2.4 KB)
StatusBoxResultListener.cs (2.3 KB)

I can’t see any results come out - I can run DataGenForResultsViewer.TapPlan with no errors in the Session - but no logging and no Verdict set.

MainWindow - Copy - Copy (2).xml (7.6 KB)

Any tricks, tips and C# direction will greatly be apricated.

Many Thanks and Regards Andy

Hi andy1,

Like the serializer says, you need to install demonstration. This can be done by running the command ./tap package install Demonstration in a terminal in your output folder.

The Demonstration test plans require some bench settings to be configured. These bench settings are included in the Demonstration plugin when you install it at Packages/Demonstration/Tests/Test Bench Profile, so you will need to copy those settings.

We have a lot of examples for various OpenTAP concepts in the SDK examples project: opentap/sdk/Examples at main · opentap/opentap · GitHub

Since you’re making a GUI, you may also find the open source terminal editor (TUI) helpful: GitHub - StefanHolst/opentap-tui: Text Based User Interface for OpenTAP

Although it runs in a terminal, it integrates with OpenTAP in the same way as e.g. the Operator GUI.

I hope this helps. Good luck!


Thanks @alexander.larsen
I have installed the Demonstration package and now have fewer errors :smile:
I now have the Test Bench Profile but where to copy these ? I have tried the output folder and the project folder - where to make them visible to the application ?

Many thanks Andy

The default settings are located at Settings/Bench/Default. I would expect the test plans to work if you copy the content of Packages/Demonstration/Tests/Test Bench Profile in there.

You can have other profiles saved in other directories next to the Default directory, but then your program would need to activate the correct profiles using ComponentSettings.SetSettingsProfile("Bench", "MySettingsDir") . This may not be necessary for your use case, but it is practical if you need to manage different instrument setups.

If you are planning to take advantage of more advanced OpenTAP features, I highly recommend looking to the TUI for inspiration :slight_smile:


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Thanks Alexander, that just what I needed. :smile:
Many regards Andy