Technical Lightning Videos

Edit: The growing playlist of videos, is now available

The OpenTAP Team is planning on creating a series of “lightning” videos covering various areas of using and developing in OpenTAP. The idea is these will be < 5 mins and be a fast easy way to figure out how to use various features. We are working an a list, but would like to get feedback from the community on videos they would find valuable.

Here is an example of the type of content and format we are thinking:

Let us know below ideas you have that you would find useful (or would have when you were first getting started). We will just use the thread as a running list.

  • Deployment. How to and what to include to a deployed system wo. Internet access

  • Techniques for debugging a deployed system


How to control an instrument by sending SCPI commands


@david inspired me to try a poll. We are now 10 videos in to our Technical Video series, and I wanted to get some feedback from the community. If you aren’t yet subscribed, you can do so here. We plan to keep rolling out videos every week on TAP Tuesday:

  • Videos are helpful, keep them coming!
  • Good concept, but poor execution (describe in a comment)
  • I’d prefer something other than YouTube videos to learn
  • I like polls

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Please consider adding these videos to the docs. I just stumbled upon these videos after scrolling around on the forum. Otherwise, I would not have know that they existed.

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Thanks for the feedback @eric.harrison and welcome. We are doing some work on our website, which should make these videos easier to find for others in the future. It is recognized they are not that obvious today.