How to call the OpenTap Api with Electron on linux?

I am trying to write a GUI to call OpenTap API with Electron, which I hope can run on Windows and Linux OS.
I have installed OpenTAP on Linux, and the CLI terminal works fine on Linux. Then how can I call OpenTAP API in Electron on Linux?
Can anyone help me? Thanks a lot.

Hi @allen,

It is really up to you. The complicated part is interfacing OpenTAP running in .NET from your Javascript code.

But there are several ways you could do this.

  • Use Edge.js, which can interface with a .NET runtime from javascript.
  • Use a REST-API (there is a commercial REST API from Keysight, but you can also develop your own)
  • Use NATS and connect to that with web scoket.

This is already what the EditorX package does (REST API), so maybe you can look to that for inspiration?