How to control OpenTAP from a browser

I’ve failed miserably trying to control OpenTAP from a web browser, both locally and hosted on Azure.

What are the different methods available?
Webreunner for a lightweight option and Rest API for the Editor-like control with a browser?

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@jason.hicks The REST API is by far the best option. When was the last time that you tried? In the last 6 months or so the REST API has been completely redone to be based on Swagger/OpenAPI which makes implementation significantly easier.

The WebRunner is just built on the REST API, so it is more about what level of detail you are looking to expose (Operator vs Developer UX).

@Dennis is the resident expert on the REST API.

Thatnks! About 6 months ago. I has a quick look a the Swagger implementation and followed the to get it up and running, but was lost after that.

It’d be great to see a working example of what can done, with both REST API and webrunner.

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