How to change language in editor and plugin-parameters?

is there someting already included/in plan to change the language in editor from english to for example chinese?

This could be also solved by an xml file that user can edit by himself to setup language whatever he wants s .
But then there is aso the need that all packages provide an (xml) language file which responds to the switch in the editor options.


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We have discussed this, however we haven’t had a strong enough push to warrant the work it would require. There are a few things to consider that lead us to leave things as is for now:

  1. OpenTAP specific terms (plugin, test plan, resource, step settings, etc). - We wanted to avoid “bad” translations that actually made things more confusion.
  2. UI layout - With different word lengths etc, the UI could look strange in a different language
  3. Still would need the translation for each plugin
  4. It would take quite a bit of refactoring to enable this.

That said, it is certainly something we will consider with the right use case.

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