New Community License on EditorX

Many of you have asked about updates to the Community Edition version, the first step to that is now available:


Where can I find an updated copy of the CE license?

While this says editor-x is available, the link implies it may be more than just the editor being affected. Also, this page states Editor-X is now CE, but there is no CE package for Editor-X. Is the correct package Editor CE?

Hi @craig.petku ,

The name of the package is Editor X. Which license is used depends on your choices when you start the application.

To use the community license, you will need to log in to a web page the first time you start the application.

Am I reading that announcement correctly that this is a different set of terms than the Editor CE license, and this EditorX CE license doesn’t seem to have the same restrictions on commercial use?

Is the full text of the actual license available somewhere?

anonymized usage telemetry, including contact, system info and test execution particulars.

Maybe I’m misunderstanding what “contact” means in this context, but how is it anonymized if it contains that?

Is there any detail available regarding exactly what “execution particulars” includes? That seems a bit ominous, if only be nature of its vagueness.

Hi @Jim_B,

Where did you read this text?

You are right that there are not the same restrictions on commercial use, however there is more telemetry than before and it requires the system to be online (coming offline for a shorter period is not a problem).

Where did you read this text?

Hi Rolf,

The text I quoted is from the link in the original post.