Installation EditorX in Ubuntu 20.04 and 22.04

While installing the editorX in Ubuntu , I am unable to continue the process after the destination step, U can refer the attached image for reference, U can see there the Continue button is automatically unabled , Someone please help me out to sort out

this issue or is there any other method to install it.

Hi @basanagouda , and welcome to the forum!

Sorry the installer isn’t functional. I will reach out to the Editor X team to let them know. In the meantime, you should be able to install OpenTAP using the OpenTAP installer: Downloads | OpenTAP

And then install Editor X by running this in your terminal: /opt/opentap/tap package install 'Editor X'

Thank you @alexander.larsen , I have installed the editorX as per your guidance, can I know the command to run the EditorX, I tried using sudo tap editorx but I am getting output as in the attached image

tap editorx is correct. No sudo required. In general, we don’t recommend running tap with sudo unless you have a good reason to do so.

I think the reason sudo tap editorx does not work is because sudo removes the environment variables from the calling process. In this case, I am guessing that Editor X failed to start because the DISPLAY variables was unset by sudo, which is a general problem for GUI applications.

Can you run the application as a normal user with just tap editorx?

I tried it but got same output

Can you try running it with the --verbose flag and post the entire log output?

That log output was pretty unexpected, so I went and investigated and found out that this is the log output from the tap command from node-tap, which is not related to OpenTAP.

Try running /opt/opentap/tap editorx. If that still doesn’t work, I would like to see the verbose output. I hope this resolves the issue.

Thank you so much @alexander.larsen, It’s working now.

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