Is it possible to run multiple tap plans from Operator GUI simultaneously with Different Profiles?

Hi Team,
We have created an Operator UI, which can Open and Run a Tapplan with selected profile location.

But now we have a condition to run 4 Instance of Operator UI inside a Window.

Initial problem we face is ,we cannot set profile for individual tap plan , because once we set the profile it will be for all the tapplans.
ComponentSettings.SettingsDirectoryRoot = profLocation;

Is there any solution that we can try to load 4 instance at same time.
Will there be any other issues or we cannot do this way?

Jestin CI

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You should be able to use ‘Sessions’ for this.

ComponentSettings are ‘session local variables’, which means they are global, but within the context of the current session. Any ‘TapThread’ started inside the session inherits the session as well.

     // in here, a new session is created, you can modify all component settings, including(i believe) the profile.
    // let's set the profile inside the session:
    ComponentSettings.SettingsDirectoryRoot = profLocation;

// outside the session, we revert back to the previous session / component settings.
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Thanks you very much for the suggestion, I will try this out.
currently we made an ExeHostControl for wpf and fixed the issue .

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That’s also a good solution :slight_smile:

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Hi, I like your solution with parallel testing, from what I see in the pictures. Good work!
Do you like to share this solution? Maybe to make the UI even better in a community?
Regards Evert Huijben


Hi Evert Huijben,

@e.huijben Update!!!

Thank you for your good words. :slight_smile:

We have hosted our product in the following location

You can have a Free Trial of the product.
After installing PTEM, Sample code for Operator UI (Single Instance) will be available in the following location.

C:\PTEM\Examples\Sample UI\Src

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Nice! I will take a look in the code.

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