Keysight E36200 series power supply - package


On, when you search for a plugin for E36200 power supplies, it shows an entry for that driver but the actual repo is for 11713 Attenuator Switch Drivers(0.19_11_41v1)

This looks like a mistake. Does a plugin exist for the E36200 series?


@reelthymeos I’m not sure why you got the wrong package before, but I believe this is the one you want:

Thanks for sharing the link. I don’t doubt that this exists somewhere on your site. What I’m saying is that it’s not accessible via search/click on The interface needs to be fixed.

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Hmm, I am not able to reproduce the issue on the search side. The correct package comes up for me when I search for E36200. I will submit an issue on this though.

Are any others seeing a problem here?