Compatible Power supply

What’s a decent entry-level power supply that can be controlled from OT?
We’d need to set output voltage and current limit, as well as measure current being drawn.

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@brightscripters as long as there is an API, OpenTAP would be able to control any power supply. All Power Supplies from Keysight will have a SCPI API, and you can see the ones that are supported out of the box by searching for “Power Supply” on the Package Repo.

Keysight does have a promotion right now for some of the lower cost DC power supplies, which would all meet your needs:

Others may be able to give you other or specific options based on experience.

@brightscripters for single output I have used the E36100 series, this can be controlled from opentap and it connects through LAN or USB. I have also used the E3640 series which is in the same price range and can be controlled from GPIB or RS232. There are different options depending on your Max Voltage or Max Current needs.

I have a Rigol D811 power supply running on OT using a simple serial driver for voltage/current and output enable. However, Im not sure of the quality of the unit. I stopped trying to use the USB interface since it would intermittently stop responding to SCPI commands. Your experience may vary, if funds are not an issue, you’ll be better off using a keysight power supply with a driver developed by them. That way if you have an interfacing issue, it may get resolved.