Keysight Editor CE


Does someone has experience with the Keysight editor to use an parameter file as input.
I have created parameters in my testplan (Parameterize on testplan) and I exported all parameters as CSV file. With the command line interface I loaded this file with the -e option, however the parameters are not changed if I change some values in the file. The file is correctly loaded without any error.
Does someone has some experience with parameter files?

Next the contents of this file:

External Name, Value
Parameters \ Firmware \ Hex File,…..\ftp\release\ZMS200\Application\v0.3.0.1\zms200-v0.3.0.1.hex
Parameters \ Firmware \ Version,
Parameters \ Device Type \ Expected Device Type,00b0

Regards, Evert Huijben

Hi @e.huijben,

Testing it locally, it seems to work for me.

Maybe you could try sharing a .csv file and a .TapPlan file which together can reproduce the issue using only basic test steps?

Hi, I have found the issue.
It seems that only csv files are supported. I tried to use .config files to make clear where these files are used for. Unfortunately no errors are given that these extensions are not supported

But while testing this issue I have found another issue while importing/exporting parameters. I got next message in the editor logging only on one of our PC’s:

16:41:08.181 TestPlanSettings De index ligt buiten de matrixgrenzen.: C:\ftp\test_environment\ZMS\EoL Test\test.cvs

When you try to store the parameter usually you see the extension (cvs), but at this system the extension overview is empty which is not correct.

This is not reproducable at another pc with the same testplan and versions of Opentap and the Editor.
Reinstalling the complete OpenTap environment did not resolve the issue either.

Any Idea?

Regards, Evert Huijben