Open Tapplan files in the Keysight editor from FTP

Some questions for running the Keysight editor from command line:

Does someone has tried to run tapplan files directly from an FTP server from command line?
It seems that you can open a file in the Keysight editor UI if you have mount the FTP server on your Windows machine. However I was not able to open a tapplan file directly from command line with the -o option like:
“C:\Program Files\OpenTAP\Editor.exe” -o “ftp://<ftp_address>/test_environment/Playground/Test.TapPlan” --view-preset Preset --focus-mode
In this example the editor did not start at all without any notification.

Another question: Can I load a preset from another location than the OpenTap/Settings folder?
Currently I have to store the preset XML files in the settings folder from Opentap. Is it possible to open the file from another location? I also like to directly use files from the FTP server.
Thanks in advance, Evert Huijben

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Hi @e.huijben,

This is not possible out of the box, however you can create an ‘ICliAction’ which first downloads the test plan and then opens the GUI in a new process.

This way you can also download and configure the preset.

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