KS8329 usage with TUI developed test plans

Is it possible to use the simplified KS8329A " Test Executive for Manufacturing Deployment" with test plans created using TUI?

In other words, If I develop test plans using TUI, can I setup multiple stations licensed with KS8329A as a simple GUI to run those test plans in production?
Is the KS8328A/KS8400A required?

I’m trying to understand if the KS8329A is a viable simple alternative to creating my own simple GUI for production only systems where no development happens.


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Hi @wittrock,

In general, any test plan developed on the TUI should be compatible with any other GUI for OpenTAP. As long as all the dependencies for the test plan is installed, everything should work.

The KS8329A product contains the ‘deployment’ license for KS8328A. This so the idea is that if you develop a test plan with KS8328A you’ll need the KS8329A license to run it. KS8329A is not intended as a way to get a generic operator user interface for OpenTAP.

However, we’ve just released a beta of an open-source Operator Panel plugin, designed to turn the Test Automation Editor (KS8400) product into a manufacturing UI. This only requires a TAP_Engine/KS8000 license to be used.

To try it out, you can get a trial license for Test Automation

You can read more about it her: Operator Panel | Test Automation Operator Panel

As I mentioned it is open-source, so you can modify it to meet your needs, submit a pull request if it is something you want to share, or just file an issue if you find something that can be improved.