Editor.exe Licence

Hi all. Just trying to figure out the licencing options for Editor.exe.
The package repo suggests KS8000A is ok, but the web page for that product specifically states no GUI.
Can anyone clarify what the options are for a floating licence just for Editor?


@benstreek for full functionality of the Editor you would need the KS8400B license. However, we did recently add the functionality where if you are only using custom Dockable Panels it is possible to open just the Editor “shell” along with those custom Dockable Panels with only the KS8000 license.


Thanks, @brennen_direnzo.

A follow-up question. It looks like if I want to use a test plan developed using Editor (via the KS8400B license) in production, I need a KS8000B licence on each machine.

Is this so, even with a custom GUI?

Hi @benstreek,

Generally speaking, you don’t need a KS8000B / TAP_Engine license to run a test plan. It does not matter how you made the test plan, unless some of the test steps in the plan requires a license. The test steps from OpenTAP does not require a license.

So you can use the command line interface, e.g “tap.exe run plan.TapPlan”, or the TUI or your own GUI freely, even if you developed the plan with Editor.

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Great, thanks for clearing that up

I now have a KS8000B floating license but I’m having issues getting the license manager set up.
I’ve installed the Developer’s System in OpenTAP and when I launch Editor it complains about the lack of a license and prompts me to install PathWave License Manager.

License Manager appears to install successfully

But even after rebooting, Editor displays the same message.

I then tried installing License Manager manually via the download here, but on launching and clicking ‘Specify a Remote License Server’ I get the following.

Do I have to install the full PathWave Test Automation to proceed? Not so much of a problem on my development machine, but if I want to use editor on a test system for debugging, I’d rather avoid it.

Hi @benstreek it actually looks like everything is setup correctly. With a KS8000 license you get the Command Line Interface, REST API, and the Editor “Shell”. Meaning you can’t use the Test Plan Editing, but you can build custom panels for use as an Operator UI for example.

If you want the full Test Plan Editing capabilities you will need the KS8400B license.

Apologies - typo. I have the KS8400B license.