Quick notification: OpenTAP 9.13 released

Hi All,

This is just to let you know that a new version of OpenTAP is available. You can read a bit about the highlights in the news section . OpenTAP 9.13 – Release Highlights – OpenTAP News



Thanks @janus.faaborg! I am excited to see what will be done with the new features, particularly OpenTAP Sessions.

Sessions does look really cool. Release notes mention some ideas around “exciting features” with this capability in the future. Anything worth foreshadowing? :slight_smile:


For now, I will say we are looking at ways to enable scale :chart_with_upwards_trend:

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@jason.hicks @david-wsd @GoranJohnsson check it out! And interested in your thoughts/needs for 9.15 and beyond!

@jeff.dralla This looks exciting! I will check it out

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@jeff.dralla OK, great. I’m not sure I fully understand the Sessions feature. The Release notes are not clear. Is it available in this release or is it work under-the-hood that will be available later?
Parallel testplans sounds interesting.

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@GoranJohnsson it is a bit of both. The core feature of OpenTAP Sessions now exists in 9.13. It will be the catalyst for future features coming in 9.14 and beyond.

In the API’s, not Editor I assume?

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Correct it is focused in the OpenTAP API side for now.