OpenTap in production


Can someone guide what needs to be install to run Opentap plugins in production environment? How to use it in windows production environment. How to run the test scripts and plugins developed in Open tap in Windows production environment.


The OpenTAP installer will automatically install its dependencies.

As for runnings test scripts and plugins, this depends entirely on the plugins. I suggest taking a look at our documentation here. “Test scripts” are usually encapsulated in testplans that you would run with tap run MyTestPlan.TapPlan in the terminal, or in a test plan editor.

I’m sorry I can’t be more specific since it is a bit unclear to me what you are asking. I hope this helps!

@sam836 this video series may also help. It shows how you can build a custom Operator UI around OpenTAP to handle loading and running Test Plans. As @alexander.larsen the minimum requirements are just the OpenTAP installer, but the full requirements will depend on what plugins you are using: