OpenTap with Pathwave Test automation

Hi Everybody
I’m looking into implementing OpenTap in our manufacturing environment, after I was tasked to find an “open source” version of Teststand, but it seems to me that OpenTap is heavily linked to Keysight Pathwave Test automation Software which has blurred the lines a little for me.
So my question is :
Can OpenTap be implemented without Keysight Pathwave Test automation Software licence (painlessly) ?

Many thanks Andy


Hi @andy1 welcome to the forum! You are correct in that PathWave Test Automation is built on OpenTAP, however, OpenTAP itself is the complete sequencing engine, architecture and development environment and can be run and executed on it’s own with no Keysight licensing. PathWave Test Automation is generally used to build and debug tests in the R&D and DVT space, but for Manufacturing, most of our customers will take OpenTAP and build a custom operator UI or interface into existing UIs, as OpenTAP itself also has a complete execution UI. You can see an example of this in the videos here:

I’m sure others will be able to share their experiences as well.


As another example of building a more comprehensive UI on OpenTAP, here’s a text-based editor, called the OpenTAP TUI (Textual User Interface) | OpenTAP TUI (
Like Brennen said, test plans are usually developed with PathWave Test Automation, but in production, OpenTAP can be deployed just fine without it.


Thanks for the information - I will look at the videos and the TUI and have a play with OpenTap