Packaging issue

I’m creating a TapPackage file using the the tap command line version 9.18.4: ./tap package create -v -c SPECTRUM_package_config.xml

the package config XML contains:

<Package Name="SPECTRUM Test" xmlns="" InfoLink=""
		 Version="3.1.0" OS="Windows" Architecture="x64" Group="SPECTRUM" Tags="SPECTRUM">

After creating the package, the TapPackage is not visible in the PackManager GUI. But, if the Packages folder in the TapPackage file is changed, so the white space is removed, then it appears. Oddly, it is also visible when using the ‘tap package list’ command line, whether the folder name has spaces or not. It is even more confusing as many of the downloadable OpenTAP packages also have spaces in their folder names in the TapPackage, yet they do not exhibit this issue.

Has anyone else seen this issue?

Fig 1 & 2: TapPackage file contents with and without spaces in the folder name.


Fig 3: PackagerManger view after the white space is removed.

Update 1: If the TapPackage files are located in a folder in the Packages folder everything seems to work fine.
Still confused a little, but at least my initial issue can be resolved.