Building plugin with external plugin dependency

I am trying to reference another custom Tap package within my project. I have the package stored under T:\Packages as shown in the below image:

I added the below entries in my .csproj file

Now while building the project in Visual studio, it gives the below error:

Am I missing something? Why is it trying to treat package repository location like a file?

Hi @shwethakh,

I am not sure what is going on here, but maybe you could try a different approach.

Instead of using the OpenTapPackageRepository element, you can also just add a repository to the OpenTapPackageReference element like this:

<OpenTapPackageReference Include="Agilent.OFSIM.MSD.PL89.DUT" Version="0.19.0-alpha.2" Repository="T:\Packages"/>

Hi @shwethakh

The warning in your screenshot is not from OpenTAP. It must be from something else.

There is a bug in 9.23.2 preventing you from installing packages from different drive letters, which was fixed in 9.24.1: Cannot install images from network drive · Issue #1572 · opentap/opentap · GitHub

Please try upgrading OpenTAP and let me know if that works.

Thank you @rolf_madsen @alexander.larsen .This works after I updated my opentap nuget package to 9.24.2

I have another question. We build our TAP packages with version number in the name itself - something like the below:


Is there any way to mention just the tap package name in the csproject (Agilent.OFSIM.MSD.PL89.DUT) and make sure the build takes the latest version of the package i.e, Agilent.OFSIM.MSD.PL89.DUT.0.20.0-alpha.8.TapPackage? Right now it doesnt work if the version number is omitted from the csproject file