Python-Plugin development flow: code reloading in editor

My development flow of new python plugins/test-steps is currently a bit cumbersome. My issue is, when I alter/change a python-file (a test-step) during my development, the changes are not in effect when I press “run” in the opentap editor.

In order to ‘load’ the new code, I currently have to close and re-open the editor. This gets quite cumbersome - I would hope that some other feature is available to ‘load’ the code.

I found in the python-getting-started documentation here the following line:
" * Modifying the Basic Functionality example to include your own log messages. You can also try this with code reloading enabled (In Python settings)." - which sounds exactly like what I need. However, in the Settings->Python I find no such ‘code-reloading property’.