EditorX blank screen

I’m trying to troubleshoot a problem on a operators system where the EditorX GUI becomes a blank screen even though the test plan completes execution.
Currently, the only way I have recovered is to kill EditorX and restart.

So far, I have not been able to reproduce the problem on my own development system ( also Ubuntu 20.04 ) and the problem is reported by the operator as occurring randomly once or twice a day.

These are the versions currently installed:

B296x Low Noise Power Source(1.0v1)   - 1.3.4+3cca403a  - installed
Cloud Drive                           - 0.2.0+7e7541d6  - installed - update available (0.3.2+dc85e4bb)
CSV                                   - 9.11.0+98498e58 - installed - update available (9.13.0+ee94eeff)
Editor X                              - 1.5.0+cfca34f6  - installed - update available (1.6.1+63cdd815)
Keysight Licensing                    - 1.4.2+8a01b531  - installed - update available (1.4.5+2bd4be43)
M9000                                 - 2.1.3           - installed
NATS Server                           - 1.0.0+c7b94bdb  - installed - update available (1.1.0+0b98c8aa)
OpenTAP                               - 9.23.2+5a906a86 - installed - update available (9.24.2+bafe5eb4)
Runner                                - 1.0.4+ab159f02  - installed - update available (1.9.2+48d2728c)
ScpiNetInstrumentBase                 - 1.3.4+3cca403a  - installed
TUI                                   - 1.0.0+48ed6e30  - installed
Usage Statistics                      - 1.0.2+58c30f20  - installed

This is running on Ubuntu 20.04.

Nothing in the session logs indicates anything out of the ordinary when the problem occurs and, as mentioned above, the test plan completes successfully from OpenTaps perspective.

I would update to the latest EditorX, but unfortunately, I have run into a few problems with it not updating the pass/fail status on the screen which the user relies on so cannot update the users system right now.

Does EditorX keep its own logs in a location independent of the Session Logs? I would like to see if perhaps the EditorX process itself logs something that will give some clues.


Hi Wittrock,

I’m sorry that this bad situation happened. We’ve seen this happened during our extended stability testing, but it’s not easy to reproduce. It’s still happening in the latest version. I wish I can provide you with a solution. I’m also sorry that there’s no additional Editor X process logs to provide additional clues, but we’ll continue to look into this problem and give you an update once we find anything.

Thank you for your continuous support of Editor X.

Thanks for the update @khang-yong