Saving DUTs and Intruments in Results

Is it possible to save properties of a DUT e.g. Name, Serial Number or ID to the results (specifically SQL databases)?
The main issue is how to separate results of Tests for different DUTs in a SQL database. We can off coarse save ID of DUT in each table as a column, But It would be better to separate DUTs results in a higher level.
I’ve noticed there is RUN ID field in database tables. It is a good idea to save properties of DUT for each Run of the test plan.

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@teder.ted yes, if you tag this info as metadata it will get saved. Example of how to do that here:

        // If the "Allow Meta Data Dialog" is enabled in the Engine settings, 
        // the user will be prompted for this metadata on test plan run. 
        // The metadata will be available to the ResultListeners via the Testplan.Parameters collection.
        // Settings marked as meta data can also be used in macro expansion.
        // The Dut base class already has two properties (Comment and Id) that are marked with the MetaData attribute.
        [Display("My Meta Data", Description: "Simple DUT Meta Data.")]
        public string MyMetaData { get; set; }