Test Steps included in a plugin are not shown on the Editor

Hello everyone,

I developed a test step plugin that has a dependency on another .NET DLL that I created. This plugin includes only one test step that inherits from an extended test step class (a class that I created by extending TestStep class). This extended test step class is contained inside the .NET DLL I am referencing. I am adding some screenshots from the package manager below:



Here is the issue: This test step is not shown on the editor even thoughTestPlanner.PluginDevelopment.dll is added to the Dependencies folder. However, I can access to the test step when I copy this .DLL to the Packages folder.

Is something wrong? Or is this an expected behaviour meaning that I should include this .DLL to the Packages folder.

Hi btyilmaz ,

OpenTAP doesn’t search for types in the Dependencies folder. I expect your step will be detected if you move it to the Packages folder instead as you suggested.

As a plugin developer, you shouldn’t need to worry about the Dependencies folder, as this is generally something that is managed by OpenTAP. E.g. DLLs added by nuget dependencies are automatically added to the Dependencies folder of your own package when you bundle it using tap package create.

Hope this helps!

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