Using Outputs from a lower scope and different Steps?

It’s not entirely clear to us how this should best be worked out in an OpenTAP test plan, and whether it’s actually possible.
Presumably, our approach here is wrong. A ‘snippet’, see screenshot, makes it clearer.


We want to use the MEASUREMENT Output (as an Assigned Output) for an input of the RESULT step (the last step).

The MEASUREMENT Step is performed on 2 different levels:
either under the ‘If Verdict of Test is PASS’
or under the ‘If Verdict of Test is FAIL’.

We can’t move the scope of the MEASUREMENT to the root level (highlighted in yellow),
because in principle these are 2 different steps (the inputs are determined by ‘Do other things’ step).
It’s also not the intention to copy the RESULT under the two ‘If Verdict’ steps, this step must be at the root level and unique.

Q1: are the Outputs of a lower scope accessible in some way?
Q2: is there a possibility to make an Output (like from the Measurement step) common ? Some sort of Global Output?

Thanks in advance !

I think you should be able to parameterize the output unto the topmost step. This should make it possible to connect the output to your result step.

It seems however that it will only work if the output property is writable.

The output of MEASUREMENT was not writable. After an update, I parameterized (and merged) both outputs of the MEASUREMENT steps and connected it in RESULT step.

But apparently this only works for the first MEASUREMENT step, not the second.
So if the output of the first MEASUREMENT changes,
we see that the Parameter ‘Measure’ in the ‘Test Plan Settings’ is updated,
not when we run the 2nd MEASUREMENT.
However, they are connected.

Merging the outputs would have the effect that only the first is selected, but then again the question is how those could be combined. The best way might be to parameterize them as two different parameters and then let the result step take more than one input.

Thanks for your answer, but it’s not quite what we want.
Suppose we adjust RESULT with 2 different inputs, using those two different parameters.
So how can we determine which input to use? By providing a third input for this (type of Verdict) ?
And what if we then have a third MEASUREMENT…
We try to avoid having to make a custom Step for every problem.