9.13.1 Editor CE upgrade issue

Just starting out on OpenTAP.
Trying to do updates.
Win 10 64
Most packages update fine but both Editor CE and Results Viewer CE hang with the screen in the Packagemanager GUi saying gathering packages. Been sitting at that stage for a couple of days.
Any suggestions.

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@ve7hr first of all welcome to OpenTAP!

When updating the UI components, on some systems the dependencies end up locked, so you may need to close out of the Package Manager, Editor, etc for the install to continue.

If that does not work, just kill the process.

In general, it is best to update at the: “Developer’s System CE” This includes all the lower lever packages and ensures any conflicts are resolved. You can also do this from the Command Line within the OpenTAP directory:

tap package install "Developer's System CE" --version 9.13.1

Welcome @ve7hr / Dave! Great to have you in the community.

Thanks for the help.
This is what I found and how I got around to it.
I was using the GUI version of things to try to update the packages. It was not working. I like GUI’s cant type worth a darn :wink:
So I got brave and went to the CLI and did a CLI install of both the Editor CE and the Results CE.
Both them came up with the prompt to overwrite or cancel the install because of some dependencies being over written. Entering a 0 to allow for overwriting allowed for the install to complete. So it seems the packagemanger GUI does not pop up this prompt thus it hangs indefinitely.

Thanks to your help I now have the all updates installed. Now I have to figure out what I can do with the program. I am excited to see how it all works.
I am attacking this from both ends. Waiting for my “New” Series 300 boxes with HPUX to arrive so I can play with instruments with both Vintage computing and Windows 10.
Thanks for the help

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HI Jeff,
Thanks for the warm Welcome.
I found out about OpenTAP from your interview on Keysight University Live.

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Great! Glad you are up and running. Keep reaching out here with any questions. We are excited to see what you do with OpenTAP!

Awesome! That was fun. I hope more are in the works. Great way to quickly interact with T&M-interested people in a quick and informal way!

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