Building OpenTap

I have an issue with building OpenTap from the GitHub repo on Windows 11 with Visual Studio 2017 as you can see from the screenshot : the build is complaining about CS0170 Use of possible unassigned field ‘Timestamp’ etc

Thanks Andy

regards Andy

it seems that your version of the C# compiler is not smart enough to understand that evt has a value on on line 27.

I think you just need to use a newer version of Visual Studio or maybe update your .NET Framework SDK?

Thanks Rolf
Sorry for the delay - been off opentap for a week or 2.
This is a clean install of Visual Studio 2019 CE , everything is up to date .
Can you point me towards any details of the environment setting (runtimes and .NET frameworks) required for windows to get this solution to compile. Since your reply I have added everything available from the Visual Studio Installer
Thanks Andy

Hi @andy1,

I am not sure which information to give you, but you can try running

dotnet build

inside the OpenTAP source folder.

This requires the .net6 compiler to be installed, but it compiles against .netstandard2.0. (tap.exe is compiled against .net framework 4.8).