How to build Test Plan via CLI


Is there an instructional video or portion of the development documentation that anyone can point me to which explains how to develop test plans using the CLI? (also, is a TestPlan an XML document, a built object?)


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Hi @reelthymeos and welcome to the forum.

If you just want to use the CLI for editing test plans, I suggest you install the text based user interface (TUI).

It is not in a release version yet, but you can download it doing tap package install TUI --version rc.

Run it by executing tap tui.

You can also edit the XML test plans by hand but this is generally not very easy.


And just so you have all the options you can also just use the OpenTAP API. There is a simple example here:

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Thanks for both of your suggestions! This is very helpful. It’s also great to know that everything can be done programmatically using the API. I will first test drive editor.exe and the TUI, then take a look at programmatically doing it.

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