Is there a way to load existing bench profile files into TUI

When using the CLI, bench profile directories can be included when running a test plan. However, inside of TUI, there doesn’t seem to be a way to specify a directory or file: it looks like you have to enter each item by hand within TUI’s Settings options.
Is there a way to load existing bench profile files/directory into TUI?



@mescgroup welcome to the OpenTAP community. I’m asking @stefan.holst if he has any tips on this.

It may not be directly possible today, but there may be some workarounds using the CLI directly.

You can also include the Settings XML files in a custom plugin you create, and in that case they would be loaded.

The plugin itself, could be ONLY the bench settings files if desired.

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Hey @mescgroup and @brennen_direnzo

The TUI unfortunately does not support bench profiles. But if you want to use some existing profiles, you can copy the bench files (Connections.xml, DUTs.xml and Instruments.xml) to Settings/Bench/Default directory. Those are the default settings, which is used by the TUI.

I have added a feature issue for this: