Licence error: Log message not clear what to do now

just for testing out i nstalled the “5GNR Conformance Test Suite” Plugin and tryd to add a teststep “6.2 Radiated transmit power”.
The log then shows: “09:51:05.063 Main Could not create ‘6.2 Radiated transmit power’ step: License required: P7060A2R00”. But there is no ifo what user has to do now.
Perhaps a popup with a link to more helpful information would be nice. Or a error number in the error text which can be find in the help file.


@LXuser This is part of 5G-VINNI which Keysight is a partner on. It probably isn’t the best example to start with looking around at as it not fully released. However, if you are interested, I can connect you to the right people.

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Ok, i was just installing any plugin that needs a licence to see what happens if the licence is missing.

Ok I understand. But yes, that varies some between plugins. Some prevent adding the step, some prevent running.

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