Where can i find the DMM teststep after plugin installation?

i just installed the DMM plugin which says in the description that the “bundle includes Test steps” but when clicking in the testplan on “+” then i cannot find a DMM in the teststep list.
What do i have to do to insert a DMM teststep?

Thanks for help

This is a commercial plugin still owned by Keysight that requires a license. On the OpenTAP Package Repo, there is a mix of open source and commercial plugins. You can self generate a trial license from here:

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But why can i then install the “5GNR Conformance Test Suite” plugin without licence? The plugin is shown in the Test Steps windows after installation. But when selection the log says no error. I would think that this should happen also for the DMM Teststeps that thery are shown but cannot be inserted without licence.

(This brings me to the question what happens if User1 who has a valid licence creates a DMM testplan and sends the file to User2 without licence - what happens if testplan is then opened without licence?
Does the licence check only runnning when “inserting” the teststep?)


Some plugins have the license check in different areas. But we should be able to get the DMM Plugin working for you. Can check which version of the Editor you have installed? The latest is 9.9.3. Also, can you check what shows up in your Package Manager (Tools > Package Manager). It should look like this:


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I have Editor 9.9.3 installed and the four versions are the same in the Package Manager.

Ok do you still not see the Test Steps? They will appear under “Digital Multimeter”:

But as I said, this plugin I believe does the license check in a different location, so you will likely need the license first.

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This is what i see:

Were you able to get a Trial license from here: https://ksm.software.keysight.com/ASM/External/TrialLicense.aspx?ProdNum=KS8150A-TRL

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I just installed the Keysight Licence Manager. Now your link wants me to insert the HOST ID.
Where can i find this information?

You will need to install the commercial version of PathWave Test Automation, and then it will show up:

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Can i install it parallel to the community edition?

Yes, they will install in 2 different locations. However, now that I’m thinking about it more, you should just be able to install this package and not actually need the full separate PathWave Test Automation Installer:

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After installation of your link i can see the Host-ID in the package manager.

Now im waiting that my licence request is processed…

i received the Licence after ~1.5h and added it to the LicenceManager.
Now the licence also appears in Keysight Package Manager.
But is still see no DMM teststeps to add.
Reinstall DMM API plugin and restart Editor does not help.

@brennen_direnzo What else can i try to solve this?

Do you see any errors in the SessionLog? And if you go to Settings > Bench > Instruments do you see any DMMs listed?

I see no error in error log.
(BTW: How can upload txt-files in the forum for the sessionlog.txt?)

This what i see at Bench -> instruments

Hmm I will need to SessionLog to see what is going on. You can upload it by clicking this icon:

Or dragging and dropping the file.

My user account is not alowed to upload txt

Try again, I just changed the settings :slight_smile:

SessionLog 2020-10-23 17-08-00.txt (21.6 KB)