Licensing issue with Keysight Test Automation 9.21

Up until recently, I was running Keysight Test Automation 9.18 32-bit with a node-locked license for KS8400A. When I upgraded to 9.21 64-bit, I noticed that only the Test Automation program was installed without the License Manager. I installed Keysight License Manager 5.3 separately which can detect my license, but it doesn’t show up in Test Automation.

Keysight Test Automation 9.21 saying I have no valid license

Keysight License Manager 5.3 detects my KS8400A node-locked license

Do you know how I can go about resolving my issue? Thank you!

KS8400 now installs a different license manager by default (PathWave License Manager). So, for the A licenses you need to manually install the license packages. Which it looks like you have, but just an outdated version.

Hi @brennen_direnzo , thanks for your reply.

I tried installing the package you linked using tap package install in an admin command prompt and it appeared to be successful:

However, I’m still faced with the same issue

It seems that the package doesn’t show up in my Packages folder:

Any ideas?

@yuancai, the Keysight Fixed License Manager class is installed “System-wide” and will not show up in the Packages folder.

You can verify it by opening Keysight License Manager and checking the about window:

Hi @rolf_madsen , installing the package didn’t install Keysight License Manager for me.

What eventually worked for me was to extract the package and manually run the installers contained within to install the license manager. With the updated license manager installed, my license is finally properly detected in Keysight Test Automation.

Thanks @brennen_direnzo and @rolf_madsen for the help!