Make 'Home folder' visible in TA GUI's

During development you easily end up with several OpenTAP installations: Your ‘normal’ OpenTAP/TA installation and one Debug/Release installation for each plug-in project. Each contain its own Editor/PackageManager/… GUI’s
I find it difficult to know which installation a GUI window (PackageManager, Editor…) ‘belongs’ to.
Shouldn’t the home folder be visible somewhere within each GUI window (eg in title bar)?

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Thanks @GoranJohnsson . I think this makes a lot of sense.

If you looked in the Package Manager you would see the default package location which would help, but it is a roundabout way of getting there.

I’ve submitted a feature request here:

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The first (default) URL in Package Manager Settings? Yes, unless it is edited or removed.
I think both Editor and Package Manager need to make its Working Dir. visible.


Hi @GoranJohnsson, it’s interesting to me that you have multiple OpenTAP installations. I recall @brennen_direnzo telling me about the OpenTAP nuget package, which would allow multiple installations directories. Are you using the nuget package? Just trying to educate myself, I haven’t switched to the nuget package yet.

@david-wsd Hi. I have always been using the OpenTAP VS SDK templates that use the NuGet package and installs Dev System CE for both Debug and Release configurations. Very practical but you end up with multiple Editor/PackageManager instances that can easily be mixed up…

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Thanks @GoranJohnsson for the explanation. That does sound very practical. I wonder if there’s a way to achieve that multi-installation approach while using the developer edition.

@david-wsd yes, this works with all versions, and comes with using the OpenTAP Nuget Package. By default the new OpenTAP SDK templates do this, so it is easy, but for migrating older plugins there are a few steps since the Nuget Package also handles the build process (which puts creates the independent directories):

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