Use PackageManager.exe for package management

How can I use PackageManager.exe to manage packages in some OpenTAP installation? Or is there a hack or example of installing just PackageManager into an OpenTAP installation? Since PM doesn’t require any license, I assume it should be possible.
There is an --target option that should “Override the location where the command is applied” but it seems to always manage packages in TA installation folder.

The PackageManager.exe application does not require any license, so you can use it freely.

You are right, it does not seem to honor the --target argument, I have added an issue on that.

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OK. But how can the PackageManager be installed/deployed to an arbitrary OpenTAP installation?

Any idea when --target argument will be fixed/implemented? If too far away, I’ll have to implement a workaround.

The PackageManager.exe application is included in the Editor / Editor CE package. However, the use of PackageManager.exe is not gated by any license check.

Yes, I know.
But how can I install and distribute just the PackageManager without the licensed parts from the Editor package?

At the moment it is not possible to install PackageManager.exe without installing Editor.exe.