OpenTAP Developer - looking for a team

Hello everyone,

Sorry for off topic. I’m in here in the last instance - maybe someone can guide me.

I am located in Romania - Timisoara.
4 years - OpenTap experience for Nokia.
1 project - limited time for Curvalux.

Nokia moved the team to Mexico and since then I tried to find a similar position to work on this environment.

I merged with OpenTap from the beginning and same with the RF industry.

Anyone who can give me a hint were I can search for this type of position I would appreciate. Don’t want to lose this knowledge. Thanks!

Hints: C#, 5G, mmWave, SA, SG, RF switch, Visual Studio, Git, Keysight.


Hi there @freelancercvk happy to help connect you to users of OpenTAP in the community and ecosystem. As well as with Keysight where I work.

Sounds like you have some great and relevant experience in automation!

Can you shoot me your CV or connect on LinkedIn?


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Hi Jeff,

Many thanks for your reply. Will get in touch on LinkedIn.

My email: