PackageManager not starting any more

After updating yesterday ~5 plugins to the current version i wanted to start today again and check for updates. But Tools → Packagemanger does not open the packagemanager.

Also doubleclick on PackageManager.exe does nothing.

What can be the problem?


SessionLog 2020-11-05 16-23-26.txt (12.1 KB)

Do you have a log file in SessionLogs that has “PackageManager” in the file name? Those get stored in the same location, but as a separate file. Sometimes this can be a bit slow if you are unable to connect to the remote repo (

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file today: PackageManager 2020-11-05 16-21-40.txt (1.8 KB)

File yesterday: PackageManager 2020-11-04 13-47-05.txt (128 KB)

It looks like you had some errors during the install. Can you try from running from the Command Line in your OpenTAP directory:
tap package uninstall "Developer's System CE"

and then reinstall :
tap package install "Developer's System CE"

Make sure with CE, you accept the EULA agreement on a new install. If you don’t fill in that prompt, it will cause issues, and is usually why we recommend using PathWave Test Automation for the trial if that is what your company will ultimately use.

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@asger_iversen do you have any thoughts on this?

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The problem was that there was a process of the packagemanger.exe already running in the taskmanager.
It run without window in taskbar.

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Ok, thanks. that is intended behavior then. Are things working correctly now?

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Yes. Everything normal.

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