PWTA installation error

Installing latest PWTA 9.18.3 from, on two Windows 11 systems returns this error message. Any ideas?

@GoranJohnsson Can you try running the installer as admin/elevated?

@brennen_direnzo Thats was what I did

@rolf_madsen / @alexander.larsen any ideas? My only other idea would be to try from a clean install. You can copy your existing directory to another location to save any plugins/testplans/data you need.

My guess is that the folder permissions for that particular folder got corrupted. This might be fine, for example in the case that the folder permissions are alright the correct ones.

@GoranJohnsson, if a clean install does not work, can you try completely uninstalling and then removing the installation folder manually?

Remember to take a backup of the folder in case you have some important documents in there.

I started (on both PC’s) by uninstalling old PWTA and removed the Keysight/Test Automation folder.
Running the installation program as admin, I selected default options and installation folder. Directly after hitting the Install button the error pops up. The new installation folder (C:/Program Files/Keysight/Test Automation ) is created but empty.

Turned out to be a folder permission problem for some reason. Admins had no permissions at all.
Uninstalled and removed the folder and installed again: same problem.
Giving Admins access and the installation completed. Will now try on second system…

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I guess this could be caused by some IT management systems. Maybe there is a way we can intercept and fix it.

Do you by any chance have cygwin installed?

Workaround :

Install 9.15.1,
then install 9.18.3

this worked for me :slight_smile:

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No cygwin installed. PC’s are ‘clean’ Win11 systems although running Win11 latest Insider Beta

OK, good to know. But I managed to fix this by running the installer (failing), correcting the permission settings of the Test Automation folder (created by the installer) and then running the installer again.

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Which version did you have installed previously?

I think it was 9.16.x, not sure

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Ok, good to know. I think the issue might be specifically related to 9.16.X, but we will have to verify that theory.